Center for Surgical Gynecology

At the Center for Surgical Gynecology, our experts are ready to assist you with a wide range of treatment options in the areas of general and surgical gynecology.

Appointments at short notice, modern medical equipment, short distances and the extensive experience of our medical specialists ensure smooth procedures and optimal treatment.

If a surgical intervention is required, you will be in the best of hands. The medical infrastructure at Graz Ragnitz Private Hospital supports optimal surgical treatment and intensive medical care following an operation. As a patient, you can be confident of the highest quality standards and attentive care by the entire staff.

Gynecological treatment options

The Center for Surgical Gynecology offers a broad spectrum of services covering almost all areas of women’s health. From diagnosis of complaints to specific surgical interventions – our experts are ready to assist you in any way they can:



  • Zystenausschälung am Eierstock, Eileiterentfernung, Eierstockentfernung, Myomentfernung
  • Abklärung von Unterbauchbeschwerden
  • Endometriose

Gebärmutterentfernung (Hysterektomie)

  • mittels Bauchspiegelung (Schlüssellochchirurgie)
  • vaginal
  • mittels Bauchschnittes

Sämtliche kleinchirurgische Eingriffe der Gynäkologie wie z.B.:

  • Gebärmutterspiegelung: Polypentfernung, Abtragen einer Scheidewand, Myomentfernung
  • Starke Regelblutung, Eisenmangel: Schleimhautverödung in der Gebärmutter
  • Konisation (Muttermundsteilentfernung) bei auffälligem Abstrich
  • Abszessspaltung im Scheideneingang
  • Schamlippenverkleinerung

Operative Versorgung von Gebärmuttersenkung

Urogynäkologische Eingriffe (z.B. bei Harnverlust)

Abklärung von Brusterkrankungen


Your benefits

  • Appointments at short notice
  • Everything under one roof – no time wasted shuttling between facilities
  • Modern medical equipment
  • Comprehensive medical care (diagnostics, surgeries, follow-up care)
  • Interdisciplinary expertise
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