Women’s health, breast health

Gynecological issues, pregnancy, obstetrics or the need for screenings – these are some of the different issues and highly personal questions that can arise in various stages of life. Our experts in women’s health provide you with the very best advice, treatment and care in gynecology and obstetrics. As a patient, you can trust that each and every case will be treated according to the highest quality standards, with modern technology and the sensitivity that our expert doctors and nursing teams bring to their work.

Gynecological prevention and treatment

As a center for women’s health, Graz Ragnitz Private Hospital offers you a broad spectrum of services, from the treatment of gynecological ailments to urological issues. The most up-to-date diagnostic procedures make it possible to recognize changes in health early on and to introduce the appropriate treatment at the right time. In cases where intervention is unavoidable, you will find ideal conditions and specialists in a great variety of medical disciplines who are able to employ the least invasive techniques available.

Center for Surgical Gynecology

Appointments at short notice, modern medical equipment, short distances and the extensive experience of our specialists ensure smooth procedures and optimal treatment at our Center for Surgical Gynecology.

To the Center for Surgical Gynecology

TIP: Information on obstetrics can be found under Pregnancy, birth and at www.geburtshilfe-graz.at.

Our principal attending doctors in the area of gynecology & obstetrics

Our principal attending doctors in the area of surgical gynecology

All medical specialists for Gynecology and obstetrics
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