Thyroid, hormones


The thyroid is an organ that is essential to life. It produces hormones that play an important role in metabolic processes. These help regulate countless bodily functions.

Thyroid disorders can affect the entire organism. For this reason, if there is the slightest reason to suspect a thyroid disease, immediate and thorough investigation and diagnosis is essential.

Thyroid diseases can often be treated conservatively if discovered and addressed at an early stage. However, our specialists are also here to assist you in cases where surgical intervention is required.

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The parathyroid plays an important role in regulating calcium metabolism. An overactive parathyroid (hyperparathyroidism) leads to an elevated calcium level in the blood (hypercalcemia). This is bad for the blood vessels and can cause kidney stones and stomach ulcers.

Conversely, underactivity (hypoparathyroidism) can cause symptoms arising from a low calcium level (hypocalcemia).

Endocrinology, hormones

Endocrinology is a subfield of internal medicine that is concerned with the functioning and disruption of hormone-producing organs. Our experts are ready to assist you with thyroid issues as well as many other endocrinological problems. Graz Ragnitz Private Hospital has particular experience in treating osteoporosis, endocrine hypertension, and tumors on the adrenal gland.

Female hormones

Hormones play a major role in the female cycle and in fertility. However, hormones are also involved in numerous other bodily functions. Our experts can advise and assist you with hormonal problems and questions.

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