Perioperative and postoperative treatments

At Graz Ragnitz Private Hospital, our patients are cared for by experienced medical practitioners specialized in anesthesia and intensive care and skilled in all the usual methods of anesthesia and postoperative pain therapy.

Pain during childbirth

Relieving pain during childbirth is a common procedure at Graz Ragnitz Private Hospital.

In obstetric care, we use epidural anesthesia (EDA) – in the form of the so-called “walking epidural”, which allows the mother to remain almost fully mobile. A medical specialist with experience in this procedure is available 24 hours a day.

More information is available on our obstetrics website under Pain-free childbirth – Targeted pain relief (in German).

As part of our regular informational evenings, we offer a presentation on minimizing pain in childbirth  (in German), where expectant mothers can find out early in pregnancy about the various methods of pain relief and ask whatever questions they may have.

Chronic pain

Chronic pain is one of the most under-addressed medical problems of our day.

Graz Ragnitz Private Hospital is committed to providing all possible assistance to patients suffering from chronic pain and to help them enjoy improved quality of life. Pain treatment begins with the physician inquiring sensitively about the patient’s personal medical history in order to acquire as much information as precisely as possible. A broad range of treatment options are then available to address the issue – from conservative treatment to complex interventional methods. The principles of modern pain medicine call for employing the gentlest treatment methods first, followed by intensification of the treatment, if necessary.

To ensure optimal care and support, multiple specialties work together in a multidisciplinary manner where necessary. This could include specialists in internal medicine, neurology, orthopedics, psychosomatic aspects, radiology and anesthesia. Physical therapists, nursing staff, and dietitians are also included on the treatment team as needed.

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