Joints, muscular system, bone health

The prospects for correcting disorders in the spine, hip, knee, and other areas needed for mobility are now better than ever. Thanks to modern diagnostic procedures, the causes of these problems – degeneration, malalignment, or accidents – can be easily addressed. Standardized operations and personalized follow-up care demonstrably improve successful recovery.

Orthopedic treatment options

  • Diagnosis and treatment of problems with the knees, shoulders, elbows, hip joints, or spine resulting from injury, wear, or inflammation
  • Conservative or surgical treatment of broken bones
  • Artificial knee and hip replacements
  • Arthroscopy, treatment of cruciate ligament or meniscus injuries, knee pain due to malalignment
  • Treatment of prolapsed disks
  • Physiotherapeutic consultations and treatment

TIP: Information on the treatment of spinal column issues can be found under Spine.

Unsere Hauptbelegärzt*innen für Orthopädie und Orthopädische Chirurgie

All medical specialists for Orthopaedics and orthopaedic surgery

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All medical specialists for Trauma surgery

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All medical specialists for Neurosurgery
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