Gastrointestinal health, gall bladder

Gastroenterologists treat disorders of the digestive tract. They look for the causes of discomfort or disease in the stomach, intestine, liver, and pancreas, and investigate the reason for heartburn, the most common disorder of the digestive tract.

At Graz Ragnitz Private Hospital, our specialists and attending doctors use state-of-the-art diagnostic technology, which provides precise imaging and tissue samples while minimizing discomfort during the examination. A treatment plan is made to suit your individual needs, which always includes nutritional advice for the period after your discharge from the hospital.

Should an operation become necessary, you will be taken care of by surgeons who specialize in operations on the digestive tract, including the esophagus, stomach, intestines, spleen, liver, and pancreas. As a patient, you will also benefit from this expertise if you require an appendectomy or surgery to the gallbladder or intestines.

Center for Endoscopy

Pain-free and minimally invasive – that is how people describe the endoscopic examinations we perform. They are important for diagnostic purposes and are particularly important in cancer care. Gastroscopy provides important information about possible reflux or other stomach ailments. Colonoscopies are recommended for the early identification of colon cancer. Sedation ensures that discomfort is minimized during this examination by means of a flexible endoscope.

To the Center for Endoscopy

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