Ear, nose and throat

Patients with ailments and diseases of the ears, respiratory tract, pharynx, larynx, or mouth cavity are in the best hands at Graz Ragnitz Private Hospital. Our experts are keenly focused on rapid diagnosis and treatment, and our multidisciplinary network of specialists is always available to assist them.

If an operation is required, our modern infrastructure and intensive care protocols will ensure that everything goes smoothly. Our experts are skilled in innovative treatment methods, including microsurgery techniques.

Furthermore, our facilities are appropriately equipped to treat even children aged 3 and up. We also enable one parent to reside in the room with the child as they recover from surgery.

ENT, head and neck surgery

After a clinical diagnosis, our experienced ENT surgeons will perform any necessary operation. The range of possible interventions encompasses most head and neck surgeries, including tumor surgery and operations on the frontal cranial base. Everything from “classic” tonsil surgery to endoscopic nasal sinuses surgery, cosmetic nose operations, and ear corrections.

Leistungsspektrum der Kopf-Hals-Chirurgie

  • „kleine“ HNO-Chirurgie:
    • vollständige/teilweise Entfernung der Rachen- bzw. Gaumenmandeln – Tonsillektomie, Tonsillotomie, Adenektomie
    • Trommelfell-Schnitt inkl. Drainage und Implantation von Paukenröhrchen – Parazentese
  • Chirurgische Eingriffe zur Korrektur der Nasenscheidewandverbiegung – Septumplastik
  • Formveränderung der äußeren Nase – Septorhinoplastik
  • endoskopische Nasennebenhöhlen-Chirurgie (FESS) inkl. computerassistierter Navigation bei chronischen Entzündungen und Tumoren
  • Schnarch-Chirurgie und Schlafendoskopie
  • Kehlkopf-Chirurgie – Mikrolarynx
  • Lymphknoten-Chirurgie (Hals) und Entfernung von Halszysten am äußeren Hals
  • Speicheldrüsen-Chirurgie (Ohr-, Unterkiefer-Speicheldrüse)
  • Plastisch-rekonstruktive Kopf-Hals-Chirurgie inkl. Ohrmuschelplastik und ästhetische Nasenchirurgie
  • Kopf-Hals-Tumorchirurgie

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