Center for Interdisciplinary Heart and Vascular Medicine

Modern and interdisciplinary diagnostics

Cardiovascular diseases are the most common of our time. They range from heart attack and stroke, which often have serious consequences if not treated, arterial circulation disorders to classical varicose veins.

Therefore, we have dedicated ourselves to the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of these diseases of the vessels (arteries, veins and lymphatic vessels) and heart.

At the Center for Heart and Vascular Medicine we work together as a team of specialists from the fields of cardiology, vascular medicine (angiology) and vascular surgery in order to provide the best care from a single source.

Modern diagnostic facilities and latest treatment methods allow the treatment of cardiovascular diseases at the highest level. Flexible scheduling, short wait times, and a general internal medicine office as an integral part of the facility- as well as in-patient care if needed - make this center quite unique.


Rapid diagnosis

Our interdisciplinary studies allow for rapid diagnoses.
From preventive assessment of the individual risk for heart and blood vessel disease (eg, stroke and heart attack risk) to treatment of complex cardiac and vascular disease, we always place special emphasis on:

  • Detailed anamnesis (establishing medical history, current symptoms and family history)
  • Detailed physical examination including blood pressure, ECG, ultrasound, stress testing, ambulatory blood pressure, Holter ECG, laboratory, etc.
  • State-of-the-art specialized diagnostic equipment (cardiac catheterization, color-coded duplex sonography, 64-slice cardiac CT, etc.)
  • Clarifying discussion of results, risk profiling (precautionary)
  • Establishing a personalized therapy approach (lifestyle counseling, medication, modern endovascular therapy, all vascular surgical reconstructions, physiotherapy, rehabilitation, etc.)

In addition, the Center for Interdisciplinary Heart and Vascular Medicine offers complete outpatient pediatric cardiology diagnostics.

Your Value - Our Service

All-around care

The Center for Heart and Vascular Medicine sees itself as a cross-disciplinary center with highly individual patient care as the highest goal.
Being an attending physician's office, we happily assist you in submitting claims for reimbursement from health care provider. As we work directly with the insurance companies KFA Graz and Vienna, we are able to directly process the claims of patients who are insured with the aforementioned health care providers.

If a secondary treatment or clarification proves necessary, inpatient treatment can also be carried out at Graz Ragnitz Private Hospital.
In addition to short waiting times and flexible appointment scheduling, we want this “full service option” to ease your mind and pave the way to a healthy heart and vascular system. Therefore, we look forward to your appointment!

Monday through Thursday: 7 a.m. to 3 p.m.
Friday: 7 a.m. to 1 p.m.

Berthold‑Linder‑Weg 15, 8047 Graz, Austria Icon Standort